How to Open and Close Positions
This document applies to the current mainnet beta version of Matrixswap Perpetual. Our current state of rapid development means details may be inaccurate or out of date.

Open a position

In the upper left corner of the screen, choose the trading pair.
Next, choose BUY if you want to take a long position, or SELL if you want to take a short position.
Perpetual Contracts (Quick Knowledge Tip) 1. Open a long (buy) position if you bet the price of the asset (ex. BTC or ETH) is going up; open a short (sell) position if you bet the price of the asset is going down. 2. If you are short, and the mark price is > the index price, you will receive a funding fee every hour. If the mark price is < the index price, you will pay the funding fee. The opposite is true if you are long. Note that the mark and index prices are calculated as TWAP.
Enter the amount of the asset you'd like to trade and choose the leverage you'd like to use, from 1x to 10x.
Review the transaction and click Trade on the bottom left.
Please follow the instructions on your MetaMask (See Gif below).

Close a Position

Click the Close button next to the position you'd like to exit.
Feel free to adjust the Slippage Tolerance to your liking and click "Close Position"
Follow the instructions in your Metamask to close your position.

Update a Position (Adjust Margin)

To change the size of an open position, simply create a new buy or sell order β€” the new order will be added to the existing one, increasing/decreasing it by the amount of the new order.
You can adjust your Margin Size by clicking "Margin Mgt" next to your positions.
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