How to Start Trading on Matrixswap's Perpetual DEX Beta Mainnet
This document applies to the current beta mainnet version of Matrixswap Perpetual v1.
As the name suggests, ‘beta’ implies this stage is mostly for testing purposes only. Users will be able to test trading via mock or test USDC. However, you still do need $MATIC in your account to pay for gas fees. Luckily, Polygon’s fees are very low.
Here’s a link to our DEX -

Quick Start Video

Clem, our Senior Developer explains the protocol.

Install Metamask

We currently support using the desktop Firefox or Chrome version of the Metamask wallet for interaction with the Matrixswap interface.
Install Metamask here: https://metamask.io/download.html

Acquire Test USDC

*Make sure you are on Matic Network. (You will need to have some $MATIC within your Metamask Wallet in order to start trading.)
Within our Perpetual DEX, there is a button to click to acquire test USDC in order to start trading.
Follow the instructions within your MetaMask wallet and confirm the transaction. (This will require gas fees).

Start Trading

Select ETH/USDC (This is the only pair you can trade during this testing phase.)
Open a position. Choose 'Buy / Long' to open a long position, and 'Sell / Short' to open a short:
Enter the size of the position and choose the amount of leverage you want to use. You can also enter the amount of collateral you'd like to use. Collateral and position size (aka 'amount') will update when the other value is edited.
[Optional Step] You can set the slippage tolerance. If trading activity is high, slippage may increase. Allowing greater slippage gives your transaction a greater chance of going through. However, the final price will differ from the estimate shown in the transaction summary below.
Review the transaction and click 'Approve'.
Once you click "Approve," your MetaMask wallet should pop up to confirm transaction. Another window with trade information will also pop up.
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