How to Switch Between Chains (Polygon & BSC)
Currently, our DEX Aggregator has integrated both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.
You can also buy $MATRIX on each of the integrated chains, Polygon and BSC. Below are the official contract addresses where you can add our token.
Official $MATRIX Contract Address on Polygon -
Official $MATRIX Contract Address on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) - 0xc32bB619966B9a56cF2472528a36Fd099CE979E0

Switching Between Chains (BSC, Polygon, and AVAX)

*We will be continuously be adding more chains onto our DEX Aggregator - the example works the same with more chains added in the future.
On the top right next to your address, there is a dropdown for each chain. Just click on each to toggle between the chains you'd like to trade on.
Just click "Switch Network" when MetaMask pops up.
Last modified 24d ago